Tuesday, August 28, 2007

It's Official: Page Views Don't Count

The venerable pageview has been done in by increasing adoption of new technologies, principally Ajax and streaming video. Ajax allows users to update page content without actually pulling a new page from the server, while video allows users to view continuously changing content on the same page. In sites with heavy Ajax or video components, users may spend considerable time on the site and even interact with the site while generating no new pageviews; this makes comparing page view statistics with other sites an unreliable indicator of relative time spent or visitor engagement.
See what Steve Rubel says about it >>>

Friday, August 24, 2007

Well, this very first post of mine is dedicated to my lovely team out here in office
but the real credit goes out to this bunch of three nerds in my team. And very frankly
they only dragged me here to blog. So these three champs are ....BT, AB & AY

lemme decode(infact better explained on atul's(AY) blog:

B.T - http://www.bymyly.blogspot.com/
A.B - http://neosthrash.blogspot.com/
A.Y - http://zilche.blogspot.com/

But before you jump on to check em out , check out your "COOL QUOTIENT" by clicking on the following link....

Here i am - finally!!!!